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Chudy Chiropractic Clinic Oconomowoc.

Note: GPS will take you too far past our office. We are across the street from Piggly Wiggly

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PastTense at chudy chiropractic Oconomowoc

Essential oils have almost endless health uses.


At Chudy Chiropractic, we apply DoTerra Past Tense Essential Oil Blend on patients after adjustments to ease muscle tension and create a relaxed experience.


We also sell DoTerra oils in-office. Click the link below to shop online.



Used for pain relief from common sports injuries.

Can be applied to necks, backs, knees, ankles, and shins.  


Available for purchase or in-office application!

Delafield Chiropractor., Pewaukee Chiropractor



Kinesio tape in Oconomowoc

Kinesio Tape


Full 3D custome laser scan.

Measured, molded and fit in office for significantly less than most doctors' offices.

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