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Wellness care means getting adjusted when you are pain-free. What are the benefits?  


According to recent studies...


-During pregnancy, chiropractic care reduced labor times by 24% for first-time pregnancy, and 39% for subsequent pregnancies


-Chiropractic increases range of motion to the area being adjusted while decreasing muscle tension


-Chiropractic patients experience increases in cognitive funtion (such as mental control/attention, memory, reasoning/calculating, spatial processing accuracy, general cognitive function and proficiency)


-Chiropractic is also linked to decreases in salivary cortisol levels (high salivary cortisol levels are associated with disturbed concentration, tremors, increased heart rate, and stress)

Bluging disc, Sciatica relief, back pain in Oconomowoc

Along with exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, eating your vegetables, and getting enough sleep, chiropractic care is an important part of your health maintenance. 


Make regular chiropractic appointments part of you and your family's routine - Flex Care Chiropractic helps make it affordable and easy!


We offer open scheduling to our patients, no appointment needed!